The story

The Skinny Bitch Story

At the beginning of the 90s in beautiful sunny California, a group of ladies were out on the town to have some fun. The ladies were on a strict diet but allowed themselves to be tempted by the circumstances. One of the ladies went to the bar and asked the bartender to make them a drink with as few calories as possible. The bartender looked around and thought for a while, he then took up the vodka bottle and mixed it with carbonated water, on the top the bartender put a lime boat for decoration. The ladies squeezed the lime into the drink and it became there new favorite! Finally they could have a fun time without the guilt of carby beers or sugary cocktails. And this is how the name Skinny Bitch was born!

Our drinks are improved versions of the Skinny Bitch cocktail with premium vodka and tasty flavours. We only add natural taste after a careful selection of raw materials. Our drinks has a perfect balance between the sweet and sour experience, witch makes our ready to drink cocktails much more tasty and refreshing.

Our brand is the market leader in taste and low calorie content 

In addition to developing the perfect flavours, we have made sure that the low-calorie amount is staying there! Our cans only contain 57 calories, and is the world leader in its category.