About Skinny Bitch

How difficult can it be to make this drink good and sell it as a finished product?
Tønsberg, Norway
(The Norwegian Force has nothing to do with the product)

The Skinny Bitch Story

There once was a man, a soldier,  who served in the Norwegian Armed Forces, Aleksander Berge, with the goal of competing in a fitness competition. This requires hard work and a very strict diet. In the summer he wants to take a week off and travel to the beautiful island of Hvar, Croatia. His coach strongly advised him against all alcohol consumption, but quickly realised that the advice fell short and therefore recommended pure alcohol as the best alternative. This was most low in calories. The drink that was consumed was therefore Skinny Bitch. The only challenge was that all the bartenders on the island forgot to squeeze the lemon, and it was only left as a garnish. He got an idea. How difficult can it be to make this drink good and sell it as a finished product?

After a little while, he presented the idea to some friends as potential investors. The friends loved the idea and asked him to make a business plan, and that’s how the ball started to roll. The man called around 80 breweries in eastern Norway and told them about his idea. The rejections were many, but there was one brewery that stood out – Nøisom Craft Beer. Still, the most important job remained, to land the perfect recipe. The man received some guidance from Nøisom on how to proceed and harvested samples of all of the low-calorie ingredients that were available on the market. He wanted to make a «Skinny Bitch for the people» where acidity, taste and sweetness were perfectly balanced. The alcohol taste had to be absent, and it had to be experienced as natural, fresh, refreshing and very easy to drink. The demands were many, and the man sat at home on the kitchen counter every night for three months to land the recipe for what has today become Berge´s Skinny Bitch.