Quality from the top shelf


Quality from the top shelf

To create a quality product, it all starts with a careful selection of raw materials from reliable suppliers.

Berges´s Skinny Bitch is a premium vodka lemonade that is produced at Norway’s second oldest brewery. Arendal’s Brewery has a wide experience dating back to 1839. In the years since its inception, they have received many awards, accolades and compliments for its brews. So it is not without reason that they call themselves «Norway’s proudest brewery».

The product consists of pure Norwegian water with high-quality vodka that is delivered by Norway’s second largest liquor producer. The Norwegian distillery was the first private distillery in Norway after more than 80 years with a monopoly from the Norwegian government and is best known for its quality through its craft products. The distillery has a number of well-known brands and has been awarded a number of international prizes for its products.

The ingredients are supplied by Food-innovation Norway, which is concerned with quality and food safety in all stages of the process.

We can therefore proudly say that Berge´s Skinny Bitch is of quality from the top shelf.